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cPCI-16AIO, 16-bit Analog I/O
cPCI-16AIO, 16-bit Analog I/O
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PMC-12AISS8AO4, 12-Channel, 12-Bit PMC Analog Input/Output
PMC-12AISS8AO4, 12-Channel, 12-Bit PMC Analog Input/Output
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SG6000L 6GHz signal generator
SG6000L 6GHz signal generator
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News : GT668PXIe GuideTech's computer-based "CTIA"...
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Friday, May 27, 2016


With a smaller foot-print and much more powerful performance than its previous generation GT658, GuideTech's computer-based "CTIA" product line enables a wider range of cutting-edge applications.

With easy expansion and modular capabilities, GuideTech offers a wide range of CTIA solutions in PCI, PCIe PXI, PXIe and "ISS" (Integrated System Solution).

A true breakthrough in high-speed Time Measurement and test technology, GuideTech's GT668 leverages the power of its continuous time-stamping technology, eliminating the need for supplemental triggers, pattern markers or clock recovery circuits.

GuideTech's CTIAs enable serial interface pattern verification and full jitter analysis in milliseconds for fast, automated characterization and high-throughput production test on all ATE platforms, including low-cost inhouse testers.

Some of the GT668 measurements include Time Interval Error, 1 PPS, Jitter measurements, PLL & Clock Jitter, Spread Spectrum Modulation, PLL Lock Time, Frequency, Period, Pulse Width, Skew, Tpd, Rise/Fall Time, and more.

For more information about GT668PXIe Continuous Time Interval Analyzer download the following datasheet!

Download:  GT668PXIe GuideTech´s computer-based "CTIA" product (PDF 1904Ko)
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GT668PXIe GuideTech's computer-based "CTIA" product
PCIe-18AO8 8 Output 500KS/s
A 1230-01 4-quadrant voltage amplifier
GT668PCIe Time Interval Analyzer
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