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cPCI-DIO24, Flexible Digital Input/Output
cPCI-DIO24, Flexible Digital Input/Output
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G2 1xN Switching Products
G2 1xN Switching Products
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WaveCAFE DSP Toolkit
WaveCAFE DSP Toolkit
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Warp Wideband Recorder & Playback
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News : PMC-OPTO32D Optically-Isolated Input/Output
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Thursday, October 20, 2016

The PMC-OPTO32D board has 32 optically-coupled digital Input Output channels consisting of 8 outputs and 24 inputs. Each channel is electrically isolated (1000 Volts) from the host processor board. Change-of-State Interrupts allow for an interrupt to the PMC host to be generated from any level change on any input. Built-in-self-test, selectable debounce times, input pulse counter, and I/O voltages to 50 Volts makes for a versatile digital interface board.

  • 24 optically isolated inputs
  • Selectable input voltage range thru use of field replaceable bias resistors
  • 8 optically isolated outputs
  • 4 normal current, 4 high current
  • Software Programmable clock debounce rate
  • Software Programmable Change of State detection
  • Rising edge or falling edge per input channel
  • Software Programmable Interrupts on any or all Change of State bit(s)
  • Software Pre-loadable Event counter on Input Bit 23
  • Programmable Interrupt on event counter overflow
  • Built in Self-Test Features.
  • Programmable Little Endian / Big Endian swapping

For more information about PMC-OPTO32D Optically-Isolated Input/Output with Change-of-State Interrupts download the following datasheet!

Download:  PMC-OPTO32D Optically-Isolated Input/Output (PDF 321Ko)
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PMC-OPTO32D Optically-Isolated Input/Output
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