Digitizers and oscilloscopes

An oscilloscope likewise a digitizer is an instrument capable to record analog signal and display on a screen.  An oscilloscope is generally a standalone instrument with self-contained display when a digitizer is generally a component, part of a larger unit able to store waveforms and display on a screen.

A digitizer can replace with lot of advantages a standalone oscilloscope in the following situation:

  • A digitizer can support a larger number of channels, up to few hundred synchronous channels is possible.
  • A digitizer is smaller and can be embedded when in PCI Express format easily into any standard PC with generally low consumption.
  • A digitizer offer higher resolution than a standard oscilloscope (8-bit most of the time), with 12 and up to 16-bits.
  • A digitizer, thanks to the PCI Express can transfer for further processing, data to a computer at up to 4GBytes/Sec.
  • A digitizer will be also view as a smart probe with possibilities to embedded real time custom process into local FPGA.
  • A digitizer can be Network based and installed far away from the control center for specific monitoring.