AF209 - Arbitrary Broadband Signal Generation L, S and C bands

Main features

  • 1 channels 12-bit, 4.5 Gsps DAC
  • External clock and reference input
  • Internal low jitter clock generation
  • External trigger input and output
  • VITA 57 FMC form factor
  • Air cooled and Conduction cooled rugged versions
  • FPGA firmware cores
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The AF209 provides customers with a single channel 12-bit up to 4.5 Gsps DAC capability, ideally suited for test and measurement, Software Defined Radio or Radar Transmitter applications.

The AF207 DAC channels are AC coupled with an output bandwidth wider than 7 GHz for a full scale signal of -3 dBm (450 mVpp).

AF209Arbitrary Broadband Signal Generation L, S and C bands