MC3120 - 20-channel multiplexer

Main features

  • 20-channel multiplexer
  • All 20 channels switch both HI and LO inputs
  • Support 4-wire measurement
  • The signal to be tested is connected through the M3TB20 terminal block
  • Can be connected with MC3065
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Rigol MC3120 20 Channel Differential Multiplexer. Rigol MC3120 is a 20-channel multiplexer which is divided into two banks of 10 two-wire channels (HI and LO) each and can be used for 2-wire and 4-wire connections.

When making 4-wire resistance measurement, the instrument automatically pairs channel n with channel n+10. MC3120 is used with the external terminal block M3TB20 which has a built-in thermocouple reference junction.

M3TB20 - 20-channel Mux Terminal box M3TB20 - 20-channel Mux Terminal box


MC3120 20-channel multiplexer
M3TB20 20-channel Mux Terminal box