WFG-140 - 3-axis miniature fluxgate magnetometer

Main features

  • Complete 3 axis system
  • Low noise level:< 3×10-7 G RMS/Hzœ
  • Measure fields op to ±1 Gauss
  • Operates from ± 15 VDC
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The WFG-140 magnetometer is a complete 3 Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer system packaged in a rectangular package of dimensions 1.5″x1.5″x4.65″. With low noise and small size, the instrument can be used wherever small magnetic fields (3 x 10-7 to 1 Gauss) need to be measured.

Output from the sensor is 3 analog voltages proportional to the magnetic field in three orthogonal directions. Full scale output is ±10 volts, which represents a magnetic field of ±1 Gauss. The system is simple to set up and operate.

WFG-1403-axis miniature fluxgate magnetometer