SYNC1500-6 - 6-Channel Synchronization Clock and Trigger

Main features

  • High Speed Clock and Trigger Driver
  • 1 Clock or Reference Clock Input, 1 Trigger Input and 6 Clock, Trigger and Sync Output Channels
  • PCIe x1 Interface to the PC
  • Programmable Onboard Clock up To 1500 MHz
  • Provides Precise Clock and Triggers for Synchronizing up to 6 Data Acquisition and Signal Generator Boards
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The SYNC1500-6 was created to synchronize sets of digitizers or generators, maximum 6 modules. The SYNC1500-6 provides timing and trigger synchronization. The SYNC1500-6 is designed for PC systems and uses a PCI Express slot (x1, x4, x8 and x16).

An onboard frequency synthesized clock allows to set an adjustable sampling rate between 25 MHz and 1500 MHz. The synthesized clock is locked with an internal or external reference of 10 MHz.

SYNC1500-66-Channel Synchronization Clock and Trigger