Acquitek: Solutions provider for Data acquisition, Test & Measurement and Time & Frequency

The most advance and innovative solutions for our customers

Acquitek, provider of solutions dedicated to Data acquisition, Laboratory instrumentation and Time & frequency, rely on a worldwide network of recognized manufacturers, high value added companies and on its own developments. Our mission is to provide global, advanced and innovative solutions to our customers.

Our daily leitmotiv is to serve our customers,

• By the greatest reactivity,
• By listening carefully to their projects
• Detailed analysis of their needs
• By developing the most appropriate solutions
• Through a commitment at all times

Our portfolio of solutions among the most complete of the current market include:
Data acquisition with recorders offering a large number of channels, data loggers, acquisition and generation cards in various formats (PCI and PXI express, VPX, VME, PMC, XMC , PC104 and +) and the associated signal conditioning (temperature, pressure, voltage, current, frequency, watt).
Instrumentation with amplifiers of any type, high resolution fast digitizers, USB oscilloscopes, waveform generators, pulse and delay and opto-electric converters.
Time and frequency with counters/ frequency meters, high stability time references, frequency distribution units, NTP time servers and high resolution synthesizers.