D-TACQ Solutions Ltd is a provider of turnkey data acquisition products and services. D-TACQ specializes in high-quality simultaneous digitizers with a high number of channels, deep capture memory and open standard interfaces.

Formed in 1999, D-TACQ was initially active in the supply of ACQ32PCI-based transient loggers to diagnostic applications in Fusion plasma research. Since then, the company has provided several hundred channels for high-speed diagnostic experiments for research facilities around the world, where channel density, simultaneous capture capability, open source software platform and Optimization of the resources of our products are appreciated.

D-TACQ acquisition systems are designed to accommodate standard operating systems in both traditional backplane configurations and a stand-alone network solution. D-TACQ systems have high-performance intelligent data acquisition cards, ensuring that core acquisition technology meets the customer’s most stringent requirements.

D-TACQ manufactures products for the CompactPCI and FMC formats.