ACQ2006 - Carrier FMC/ELF 6 slots

Main features

  • 6 Slots Carrier unit for FMC and ELF modules (D-TAQ only)
  • Up to 192 channels into 1U enclosure
  • Xilinx Zynq-7000 All programmable SoC Z-7020 running Linux
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • USB connections
  • External clock and Trigger provided
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ACQ2006 carrier units support both  FMC and ELF modules. The carriers feature the Xilinx Zynq System-on-Chip architecture, featuring low power and integral FPGA device. Carriers are engineered to allow the maximum DAQ payload in minimum space.

ACQ2006 is a 1U, 19” rack-mountable carrier designed to accommodate up to six ELF or FMC modules, allowing up to 192 simultaneous analogue data acquisition channels in one enclosure. The system uses a Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC Z-7020 running Linux.

Connectivity is provided by gigabit Ethernet or USB 2.0, with expansion options through a PMOD connector. External Clock and Trigger inputs are also provided.

ACQ2006 Carrier FMC/ELF 6 slots