WFG-130 - 3-axis fluxgate magnetometer

Main features

  • Complete 3 axis system
  • Low noise level: <.02 milligauss rms @ 1 Hz
  • Measure fields op to ±5 Gauss (± 30 G available)
  • Operates from ± 15 VDC
  • Active monitor assures operation fitness (optional)
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The Model WFG-130 magnetometer is a complete 3 Axis Fluxgate Magnetometer system packaged in a rectangular package of dimensions 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 2.775″.

With low noise and relatively small size, the instrument from the sensor is 3 analog voltages proportional to the magnetic field in three orthogonal directions. Full scale output is ±10 volts, which represents a magnetic field of ±5 Gauss. (call for units up ±30 Gauss)

The system is simple to set up and operate can be used wherever relatively small magnetic fields (.02 milligauss to 5 Gauss) need to be measured. Output

The Fluxgate Magnetometer Model WFG-130 system employs an optional active failure recognition system to detect when any of the three fluxgate sensors stops performing properly. The failure system functions by applying a low-level magnetic signal to each fluxgate sensor and then detecting the presence of the signal in each of the fluxgate output channels. A failure output logic signal is provided to alert the user should any of the fluxgate sensors stop functioning. This feature is useful for applications such as magnet automobile guidance systems where correct operation of the sensors is critical.

WFG-1303-axis fluxgate magnetometer