PCI66-16AO16FLV - 16 analog output card up to 450kS/S, 16-bit PCI board

Main features

  • 16 Precision 3-Wire Balanced Differential High-Speed Analog Output Channels
  • 16-Bit Resolution; D/A Converter per Channel
  • Dual Selectable 8th-Order Continuous-Time Reconstruction Filters on All Outputs
  • 66MHz PCI Bus Support
  • Data Rates to 450K Samples per Second per Channel; 7.2 MSPS Aggregate Rate
  • Software-Selectable Output Ranges of ±10V or ±5V Full Scale at 5mA with High-Level Option, or ±2.5V or ±1.5V at 30mA with High-Current Option
  • Supports 50-Ohms Loads on ±1.5V Output Range
  • Optional 2-Wire Single-Ended Analog Outputs
  • 256K-Sample Output Data FIFO Buffer; Configurable as Open or Circular
  • Simultaneous or Sequential Output Clocking
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The PCI66-16AO16FLV contains sixteen 16-bit D/A converters (DAC’s), and all supporting functions necessary for providing precision high-speed differential or single-ended analog output capability in a PCI application. Output ranges are software-selectable as ±10 Volts or ±5 Volts at 5mA with the High-Level ordering option, or as ±2.5V or ±1.5V at 30mA with the High-Current option. The outputs can be software-configured with no filtering for minimum response time, or with either of two 8th order reconstruction filters selected.

Unique FIFO buffer controls support the seamless sequencing of successive waveforms through a single buffer port. In less demanding applications, the outputs can be updated individually. Hardware clock I/O provisions support synchronization with a variety of GSC products, including Sigma-Delta ADC boards.

Sixteen output channels are controlled through an analog output FIFO buffer, and can be updated either simultaneously or sequentially. The output sample rate can be controlled by an internal rate generator or by an external clock. The local controller manages all input/output configuration and data manipulation functions, including autocalibration. Analog output levels are initialized to zero (midrange). Multiboard synchronization is supported.

PCI66-16AO16FLV16 analog output card up to 450kS/S, 16-bit PCI board