725 - Multi-Trigger Digital Delay Generator

Main features

  • Trigger-pulse delay: 50 ns – 1370s
  • Inputs: 8 external and 7 internal
  • Outputs: 8 internal (to timing processors)
  • Delay jitter from internal source: 200 ps
  • External trigger duration: 50 ns
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Researchers and system integrators, needing controls and diagnostics for their experiments and systems, are regularly forced to build from scratch or to piece together several boxes. Many hours are spent learning the idiosyncrasies of each box and how to properly couple boxes to each other. Each box has its own programming protocol. Valuable time is lost to tracking connections, taming noisy signals, adjusting timing on multiple boxes and other aggravating chores. Now one box will eliminate much of this.

The Model 725 coordinates, integrates and synchronizes complicated setups, simply, reliably and affordably. Featuring eight timing channels with programmable logic, unique timing modes and 10 ns resolution, the Model 725 outperforms a rack full of instruments, specialized boxes, filters and cables. Inputs can be logic signals, switches, transducers, interlocks, computer commands and gauges. The model 725 can be programmed and controlled easily via Labview or Windows. It contains sophisticated logic, gating and filtering. It has eight inputs, eight outputs and eight separate timers.

725 Multi-Trigger Digital Delay Generator

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