A1020 - RF power amplifier 25 watts or 75 watts

Main features

  • 100KHz – 250 MHz 25 Watts version
  • 100KHz – 300 MHz 75 Watts version
  • 100KHz – 400 MHz 75 Watts version
  • 10KHz – 250 MHz 75 Watts version
  • Universally applicable RF amplifier with 50 Ω input/output
  • Ultra-broadband frequency response through several decade
  • High degree of linearity ensures nearly true signal reproduction with all types of modulations
  • Low degree of distortion for clear test signals
  • High amplification stability over the temperature range
  • Optimum cooling concept ensures lowest-possible noise generation at a very low weight
  • Highly efficient power supply with a performance factor of almost 1 and universal long-range input
  • Monitor output parallel with the amplifier output for monitoring of the test signal
  • Interlock connection for safe test designs
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The RF broadband power amplifiers from the A1020 product range are robust class-A/-AB amplifiers for EMC testing and general laboratory applications.

Stability under all load conditions occurring in practice, a wide frequency range, low degree of distortion, and a fair purchase price are the main characteristics of these amplifiers.

Optimum cooling is ensured through implementation of a high-power heat sink with temperature-controlled fans. Sophisticated protection equipment ensures hardware integrity, even at extreme load conditions. The devices are optionally available for rack assembly.

A1020RF power amplifier 25 watts or 75 watts