A1230-01 - 4-quadrant voltage amplifier

Main features

  • 4-quadrant voltage amplifier
  • DC – 7 MHz
  • Universally applicable broadband lab amplifier
  • Up to 75 Vpeak Output current
  • Up to 5 Apeak
  • Two added inputs with 50 Ω and 100 kΩ input resistance
  • Preamplifier output (bridge out) allows for simple bridge circuit structures for doubling the output voltage
  • 2 supply voltages for ideal load adjustment
  • USB port (emulated COM port) as standard
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The A1230-01 is a linear, extreme broadband precision power amplifier. It is ideally suited for applications that require quickly changeable signals at optional resistive and complex loads. The A1230-01 is equipped with two added inputs with 50 Ω and 100 kΩ input resistance, respectively; the 50 Ω input makes it the ideal down stream equipment for conventional function generators.

There are two operating voltages available for optional selection: high-voltage / low-current or low-volt / high-current. Particularly for very low-ohm loads, selection of low operating voltage results in significant reduction of the dissipation loss and a higher output current. If higher output voltages are required, the preamplifier output (bridge out) allows for simple bridge circuit structures with a second A1230-01 for doubling the output voltage.

The device is equipped with a low-noise, temperature-controlled fan. In addition to over temperature shut-down, a feature for dissipation power calculation ensures fast power monitoring for perfect short-circuit and overload protection. Operation is performed via the control elements on the front panel of the amplifier.

Moreover, the amplifier can be completely remote-controlled by means of a simple byte protocol via the USB interface. If higher output voltages or higher output currents are needed, configurations with several A1230-01 devices connected in series or in parallel are possible.

A1230-014-quadrant voltage amplifier