A400DI - High voltage amplifier 200Vpp

Main features

  • Two identical channels
  • Low Voltage phase inverter
  • Bandwidth from DC to 1 MHz at 100 Vpp
  • Amplification X10 times, fixed
  • Load type Resistive || capacitive with Full bandwidth 400 pF
  • Input Impedance of 1 Mohm || 10 pF
  • Output Impedance  <0.1 ohm in the linear mode
  • Input Voltage of ±10 V Nominal
  • Output Voltage of  ±200V Max
  • Output Current  of 150 mA continuous
  • Output Slew Rate  of 300 V/µs up to 400 pF load
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The A400DI is a dual general purpose broadband linear amplifier having a fixed amplification of 20 times and capable of bipolar high voltage output of ±200V.
Any function generator or arbitrary waveform generator or any other signal source with amplitude up to ±10 V can be used as an input device.

The amplifier’s output is linear from DC up to megahertz range.

It can be used in a wide range of applications, for example to drive piezo actuators, MEMS, OLEDs, liquid crystals, etc.

It features also a low voltage phase inverter that inverts the signal applied to the input of channel 1. The resulting signal can then be connected to the input of channel 2 by means of a short BNC cable (supplied). As a result the two outputs operate in counter-phase. Connecting a load between the outputs effectively doubles the amplitude range. Please note that the load cannot have any connection to ground.