AcquiSTREAM-RT200 - High Speed Data Recorder

Main features

  • High Performance PC
  • 2 channels recorder
  • Up to 200MS/s sampling rate
  • 14-Bit Digitizers
  • One PCI Express slot for digitizer Card
  • Two PCI Express slots for Data Storage
  • Up to 4 Tbytes of disk space
  • Up to 800MBytes/Sec continuous streaming
  • More than 1 hour of storage at maximum 800MBytes/Sec
  • Standard Software for data Acquisition and storage
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AcquiSTREAM-TR200 is a high performance portable Data recorder. The recorder integrates all functionalities expected from a recorder. The hardware combines in a compact rugged portable unit, high-performance, Intel i7-7700 last generation Windows10® PC with a large high-resolution screen, one slot acquisition for continuous recording and 2 slots data storage.

The Open Platform AcquiSTREAM-TR200 PC based data  recorder delivers a complete solution in data acquisition with 2 simultaneous channels 200MS/ s, 14-Bit, ease-of-use with AcquiFlex, at very affordable price in high quality package.

With 512M samples of digitizer on-board memory and high speed data streaming to PC memory or disk, the AcquiSTREAM-TR200 allows accurate acquisition of very long records of data.

AcquiSTREAM-RT200 High Speed Data Recorder