AXC755x - 500A High Current SMU Family

Main features

  • Output current up to 500A in pulse mode
  • Output current up to 20A in continuous mode
    (temperature control)
  • Programmable output voltage up to 50V
  • Programmable current pulse
  • Integrated voltage-measurement unit
  • Integrated current-measurement unit
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The AXC755x 500A High Current Source and Measurement Unit Family was designed for semiconductor and high throughput testing.

Very fast linear output stage
The very fast rise time allows current pulse up to 500A with a programmable pulse length of 250μs up to 4ms. Three voltage ranges (1V, 10V and 50V) allow accurate programming of the ouput.

Integrated measurement units…
Together with the integrated voltage measure unit (VMU) and the integrated current measure unit (CMU) all high current tests of power semi­conductor can be done.

…with monitor signals
The output current can be measured on the inte­grated current monitor output with an oscillo­scope. The integrated voltage monitor is used to measure the voltage on the sense cable directly on the load.

Two operation modes
In dynamic mode current up to 500A with pulse length of 250μs to 4ms can be programmed.
To protect the power amplifier, an “IxT-Limiter” is integrated so as not to exceed the current time area of 500A x2ms (AXC7555 with maximum 50V) or 500A x4ms (AXC7552 with maximum 20V).

In static mode output current up to 20A can be programmed. This continuous current can be delivered as long as the power dissipation in the power amplifier does not exceed 700W. When the power dissipation is exceeding 600W and the boundary temperature is reached, the temperature control will turn off the instrument. At 0V output voltage the response time of the temperature control can take up to several minutes.

AXC7552 - High Current Source 500A/20V

High Current Source

AXC7555 - High Current Source 500A/50V

High Current Source

Option GPIB - GPIB interface

High Current Source

Option USB - USB 2.0 Interface

High Current Source

Option LAN - Ethernet Interface

High Current Source

Option FE - Front Panel Display

High Current Source

Option RMK - 19" rack mounting kit

High Current Source

AXC755x 500A High Current SMU Family
AXC7552 High Current Source 500A/20V
AXC7555 High Current Source 500A/50V
AXC755x Opt GPIB GPIB interface
AXC755x Opt USB USB 2.0 Interface
AXC755x Opt LAN Ethernet Interface
AXC755x Opt FE Front Panel Display
AXC755x Opt RMK 19" rack mounting kit