CA7851 - Compact Wideband VHF-UHF Receiver 6GHz

Main features

  • 20 MHz – 6 GHz
  • 100 MHz Digitized Bandwidth
  • Full Bandwidth I/Q Streaming
  • Wideband Signal Detection
  • High Accuracy Geolocation
  • Customizable DSP Resources
  • Internal Sub-Octave Preselector
  • SCPI Remote Control Interface
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Compact Wideband VHF-UHF Receiver
The CA7851 is a high performance dual conversion super heterodyne receiver for radio monitoring and communications surveillance.

True Wideband Stare
The CA7851 has the ability to continuously digitize 100 MHz of spectrum in real time.

Digital Drop Receivers
Configure multiple digital drop receivers (DDRs) for simultaneous processing of wanted signals.

Customizable DSP Resources
Add software defined functionalist to dedicated customizable digital signals processing resources.

Phase Coherent
Synchronize multiple CA7851 units for Super Resolution DF, MIMO and and advanced signal enhancement techniques.

Precision Time-Stamping
Precision time-stamping with for TDOA (Time Difference of Arrival) Geo-Location.

Advanced RF Architecture
Robust performance in strong signal environments with integrated sub-octave Preselector
Selectable modes: normal mode or high linearity mode, allowing configuration for optimum performance
Extremely stable group delay and absolute delay characteristics – crucial for enduring DF accuracy
Capable of synchronizing with multiple units for phase coherent operation

Full Bandwidth Processing
The CA7851 is capable of streaming full bandwidth VITA 49 I/Q data of 10 GigE Ethernet in real time.

Customizable Digital Signal Processing
On-receiver software defined functionality can include: channellisation, demodulation, and automatic signal detection. For system integrators, the CA7851 has dedicated processing resources enabling upgrades with software defined functionality.

CA7851 Compact Wideband VHF-UHF Receiver 6GHz