CCVPX-16AI32SSC1M - 32-Channel, Differential, 16-Bit Simultaneous, 1MS/s Conduction-cool VPX

Main features

  • 32 Differential analog inputs with dedicated 1.0MSPS 16-Bit ADC per channel
  • Standard conduction-cooled 3U VPX form Factor
  • Sampling rates to 1.0MSPS per channel
  • Simultaneous sampling of all inputs; Minimum data skew
  • Software-Selectable Input ranges: ±10V, ±5V, ±2.5V or ±1.25V
  • Sync and clock I/O support external control and multiboard configurations
  • Time Tagging attaches time information to each input data value
  • Low Latency provides 32 registers that duplicate the most recent samples from all channels
  • Increased throughput capacity with local data packing
  • Continuous, burst and single-sample clocking modes
  • Hardware sync I/O for multiboard operation
  • 1 MByte FIFO data buffer; 512 K-Samples in packed-data mode
  • 2-Channel DMA engine
  • Conforms to PCI Express Specification revision 1.0a, x1 Link operating at 2.5Gbps
  • Sample rate controlled by internal rate generators, by software triggering, or externally
  • On-Demand internal Autocalibration of all channels
  • Same or Improved Performance Specifications as the PMC66-16AI32SSC
  • Same System I/O pinout as the PMC66-16AI32SSC, as configured for Time TaggingExist in PCIe, PCI, cPCI/PXI, PC104 and PMC
  • Exist also in PCIe, PCI, cPCI/PXI,XMC
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The 16-Bit CCVPX-16AI32SSC1M analog input board samples and digitizes up to 32 input channels simultaneously at rates up to 1 megasamples per second for each channel. Each input channel contains a dedicated 16-Bit sampling ADC, and the resulting sampled data is available to the VPX bus through a 1-MByte FIFO buffer.

Inputs can be sampled in groups of 2, 4, 16 or 32 channels; or any contiguous channel group can be selected for sampling. The sample clock can be generated from an internal rate generator, or by software or external hardware. Input ranges are software-selectable as ±2.5V, ±1.25V or ±0.625V.

An on-demand autocalibration feature determines offset and gain correction values for each input channel, and applies the corrections subsequently during acquisition. A selftest switching network routes calibration reference signals to each channel through internal selftest switches, and permits board integrity to be verified by the host..

CCVPX-16AI32SSC1M 32-Channel, Differential, 16-Bit Simultaneous, 1MS/s Conduction-cool VPX