DROR-II - Vibration-Compensated GPSDO with CSAC.

Main features

  • Active Vibration Compensation
  • LN-CSAC Form-Factor
  • Avionics Power Supply operates from 11.0V to 32V with less than 3.85W
  • CSAC, SC-cut OCXO, and Vibration Compensated Noise Filter
  • GPS or 1PPS Disciplining, two 10MHz and one 5MHz outputs
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The DROR-II is based on the popular legacy DROR and LN-CSAC products and adds active Vibration Compensation for ultimate Phase Noise performance under high-vibration environments. It includes a CSAC atomic reference for holdover and extremely fast warmup, as well as an SC-cut OCXO, and a software-selectable 3-axis vibration-compensated VCXO that has less than 1E-010 per g total gamma g-sensitivity.

The DROR-II also includes an avionics power supply that allows it to operate from 11.0V all the way up to 32V (36V peak), and consumes less than 3.85W at room temperature. The DROR-II supports RS-232 and USB communications, as well as industry-standard LCD displays. The DROR-II can be ordered with a host of OCXO options ranging from ultra-low-ADEV single-oven versions to ultra-extended temperature range DOCXO’s, to low-noise-floor or low-close-in-phase-noise options.

DROR-IIVibration-Compensated GPSDO with CSAC.