FIR - eXpert FIR filtering for GAGE digitizers

Main features

  • Allows processing by an FIR filter with up to 20 taps; extended in software to up to 39 symmetric taps
  • FIR filter coefficients can be tailored to emphasize signal pulses of a specific shape
  • FIR filtering is performed by GaGe hardware, allowing the host-PC to handle other tasks in parallel
  • Data is filtered during transfer to the PC, the repetitive signal capture rate of the digitizer is not reduced
  • Common numerical filters such as moving average filters and Gaussian filters are covered
  • Compatible with CompuScope Software Development Kits (SDKs) for C/C#, LabVIEW and MATLAB
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Filtering of analog voltage signals is a powerful method for removing unwanted signal features (like noise) from a single waveform acquisition and emphasizing signal features of interest. Traditional analog filters are usually limited to rather simple filtering methods, such as low-pass filtering, high-pass filtering and band-pass filtering.

Numerical filtering of digitized waveform data, such as that now available on-board GaGe’s new-generation digitizers, allows much more complex filtering methods to be implemented with no CPU loading.

250-181-002 eXpert FIR filtering for GAGE digitizers