FRXO100 - Ultra stable Multi-references

Main features

  • 10MHz reference type: Oven-stabilized oscillator
  • 10MHz frequency stability: ±5PPB
  • 10MHz MCX output ports: 4
  • 10MHz phase noise @ 10KHz offset: -150dBc
  • 100MHz reference type: ultra-low phase noise VCXO
  • 100MHz reference phase noise: -162dBc @ 10KHz offset
  • Output port impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Output port signal type: LVCMOS
  • Output level typical: +14dBm (~3.2VPP)
  • Aging: daily: ±1PPB
  • Aging: yearly: ±50PPB
  • Phase jitter: (10Hz to 5MHz) : 1.0ps rms
  • Warm up time: ~5min
  • Temperature range: 0C – 60
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The FRXO100 is an ultra-stable, high-performance, compact multi-output reference frequency source. Using its high-stability oven-controlled 10MHz oscillator, the FRXO100 provides four 10MHz outputs, and 2 phase-locked 100MHZ ultra-low phase-noise outputs.

Compact and simple-to-use, the FRXO100 is powered from standard USB-C, and is controllable from a host PC.

FRXO100 Ultra stable Multi-references