FURY - Global Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator

Main features

  • Extremely low phase-noise and Allan Deviation (best in class)
  • Very low cost
  • Double -Oven SC-cut OCXO option
  • GPSDO 1PPS output with <10ns 1 -Sigma to UTC
  • 10MHz 3.3V/5V CMOS output
  • 10MHz Sine -Wave output +6dBm, <-55dBc Harmonics
  • Better than 1E-12 long term accuracy
  • Raw GPS-driven 1PPS, and OCXO-driven 1PPS output
  • Very low power consumption: 12V @ <5W
  • SNTP Server Application
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The Fury GPSDO presents unprecedented frequency accuracy by combining the highest GPS timing performance with the very latest in OCXO technology in one low-cost module. Allan Deviations of less than 1E-011 are possible for measurement intervalls greater than 0.1 seconds. Phase noise of <125dBc at >10Hz offsets is standard. Power consumption of <5W from 11.0V to 14V allows battery operation. A high-end Motorola GPS receiver drives an ultra-stable OCXO frequency reference under the control of a 32bit Processor.

Hold-over mode with aging and temperature compensation. Alarm outputs. The unit can be controlled by using an LCD and keypad, or via RS232 control using standard SCPI commands. Settings are automatically stored in non-volatile memory. Sine-wave and CMOS outputs are standard. GPSCon Windows graphing and SNTP server software compatible. Available as OEM module or in an Aluminun enclosure.

FuryGlobal Positioning System Disciplined Oscillator