LNFR-100 - Low noise frequency reference

Main features

  • Low environmental sensitivity
  • Ultra-low phase noise
  • Very low spurious
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The LNFR-100 is an ultra-low noise frequency reference. The LNFR-100 contains 5 MHz and 100 MHz ultra-low noise ovenized oscillators. The output at 10 MHz is obtained by multiplying the signal from the 5 MHz oscillator. The 100 MHz oscillator is phase locked to the 5 MHz oscillator to provide a lower phase noise signal inside the bandwidth of the phase-locked loop.

The device can be used as a low noise source in phase noise measurement systems. Other applications include high stability frequency synthesizers, reference frequency generation and frequency synthesis chains for atomic standards. The LNFR-100 can be phase locked via a +/- 5 VDC tuning signal or with a 5 MHz 1 VRMS signal. This synthesizer is offered in a stand-alone rack-mount package.

LNFR-100 Opt 100 - Two outputs each 5MHz, 10MHz, 100MHz

Option 100

LNFR-100A - Two outputs each 5MHz, 10MHz

Option A

LNFR-100 OPT 6 - One output each 5MHz, 10MHz, 100MHz, High stability

Option 6

LNFR-100Low noise frequency reference
LNFR-100 Opt 100Two outputs each 5MHz, 10MHz, 100MHz
LNFR-100ATwo outputs each 5MHz, 10MHz
LNFR-100 Opt 6One output each 5MHz, 10MHz, 100MHz, High stability