MAQ20-BKPL8 - DIN Rail Backbone from 8  I/O Modules

Main features

  • Compact Mounting in DIN Rail Channel
  • Distribute Power and Communications
  • 8 Position Models
  • Simplify System Wiring
  • Expandable for Local or Distributed Installation
  • Prevent Reverse Installation
  • Long-Life, Durable, Vibration Resistant Contacts
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The MAQ20 system backbone resides within the DIN rail used for module mounting and provides power to and interface between the communications module and the I/O modules. Standard backbones provide for one communication module and 4, 8, 16, or 24 I/O modules. The longest backbone, which accommodates 24 I/O modules, fits in an industry standard 19″ rack. Each backbone utilizes a pluggable connector system on each end such that varying system channel counts can be configured using the standard backbones. As a result of this pluggable system, the main part of a system, including the communications module, can be installed in one location while other sets of I/O modules installed in remote locations connect to the main system through a wire harness.

Modules mount on industry standard 35×7.5mm gull-wing DIN rails.

Once a system is established with a system backbone and a communications module, system configuration is accomplished by applying power and installing the I/O modules. These are hot swappable and true ‘plug and run’. When an I/O module is plugged into any backbone position, the communications module automatically recognizes that it has been added to the system, registers it in the system configuration record, and makes it immediately available in the host software for use in data acquisition and control and test and measurement applications. Similarly, when a module is removed from any backbone position, the communications module recognizes that it has been unplugged, removes it from the system configuration, and disables it in the software.

MAQ20-BKPL8 DIN Rail Backbone from 8  I/O Modules