PCIe-16AI64 - 64 Channels , 16-bit, Analog Input PCIe Board

Main features

  • 64 Single-ended or 32 Differential 16-Bit Scanned Analog Input Channels
  • Conversion Rates to 500K Conversions-per-Second in Single-Channel Mode
  • Scan Rates to 350K Channels-per-Second in Multichannel Scanning Mode
  • Input Ranges Selectable as ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V
  • Data Buffered through a 64K-sample FIFO
  • Continuous and Burst (One-Shot) Input Modes
  • Sync Input/Output (Alternate Function for Channels 62,63)
  • Scan Sizes from Two to 64 Channels-per-Scan; or Single-Channel sampling of any Channel
  • Internal Rate Generator Implements a 32-Bit Divider
  • Internal Autocalibration upon command
  • DMA Engine Minimizes Host I/O Overhead
  • Exist in PMC, cPCI/PXI, PC104 and PCI
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The high-density PCIe-16AI64 board provides a cost effective 500,000 conversions-per-second 16-bit analog input capability in a single-width PCI Express format. The inputs are configurable either as 64 single-ended channels or as 32 differential channels, and the input range can be software selectable as ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V. Scan rates can be controlled from either (a) an internal rate generator, (b) through an external digital input, or (c) by direct software commands.

Multiple PCIe-16AI64 boards can be connected together for synchronous scanning. A 64K-sample FIFO provides maximum buffering of input data. Internal auto calibration networks permit calibration to be performed without removing the board from the system.

PCIe-16AI64 64 Channels , 16-bit, Analog Input PCIe Board