PCIe-16AIO168 - 16-bit Analog I/O PCIe Board

Main features

  • 16 Single-Ended or 8 Differential 16-Bit Scanned Analog Input Channels
  • Eight Analog Output Channels, 16-Bit D/A Converter per Channel
  • Software-Selectable Analog Input/Output Ranges of ±10V, ±5V or ±2.5V
  • Independent 32K-Sample Analog Input and Output FIFO Buffers
  • 300K Samples per Second Aggregate Analog Input Sample Rate
  • Multiple-Channel and Single-Channel Input Scanning Modes
  • Low Crosstalk, Noise and Input Bias Current; Buffer Amplifiers on all Analog Input Lines
  • 300K Samples per Second per Channel Analog Output Clocking Rate
  • Supports Waveform and Arbitrary Function Generation; Continuous and One-shot Modes
  • Internal Rate Generator Controls Input Sampling, Output Sampling, or Both Simultaneously
  • Supports Multi-board Synchronization of Analog Inputs and Outputs
  • Exist in PCIe, PCI, cPCI/PXI, PC104 and PMC
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The PCIe-16AIO168 board provides high-speed 16-bit analog input/output resources in a standard PCI Express module. Eight analog output channels can be updated either synchronously or asynchronously, and support waveform generation. Each analog output channel contains a dedicated 16-bit D/A converter and an output range control network. The board receives analog output data from the PCI Express bus through a 32K-sample FIFO buffer.

The analog inputs are software-configurable either as 16 single-ended channels or as eight differential signal pairs. Buffer amplifiers on all input lines eliminate multiplexer input switching noise, and minimize crosstalk and input bias currents. Analog input data accumulates in a 32K-sample buffer until retrieved through the PCI Express bus.

Internal auto-calibration networks permit the calibration of all analog input and output channels without removing the board from the system. Gain and offset corrections of the analog input and output channels are performed by calibration DAC’s that are loaded with channel correction values during auto-calibration. Software-controlled test configurations include a loopback mode for monitoring any analog output channel. Trigger input and output connections support external triggering and multi-board synchronization.

PCIe-16AIO16816-bit Analog I/O PCIe Board