PDC3301 - Pulse distribution chassis

Main features

  • Single Input or Intelligent Autoswitching Between Dual Inputs
  • Distribution of 1 PPS to 50 MPPS Pulse-Rate Signals
  • Very High Isolation Between Outputs
  • 500 ps Differential Delay Between Outputs
  • Broadband 50 ohm impedance match to 500 MHz
  • RS-232 Port for Control and Monitoring
  • Dual-Redundant AC or DC Power Supply Option
  • Ethernet Port Option for Remote Control and Monitoring
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EndRun Technologies PDC3301 Distribution Chassis is a dual-input, ten-channel, pulse distribution amplifier in a 1U rackmount chassis. The PDC3301 provides ten isolated copies of an input signal. Fault sensing of signal levels is provided on all inputs and outputs, and fault status is easily visible via front-panel LED indicators.

The PDC3301 performs intelligent fail-over switching via continuous monitoring of the input pulse rates. It can switch inputs without missing a pulse for rates less than or equal to 1 MPPS and pulse widths greater than or equal to 500 nanoseconds.