PEV7912 - PCI Express to VME64x Transparent Interface

Main features

  • 6U VME64x PCI Express to VME transparent bridge with enhanced expansion capabilities
  • ALTHEA 7910 FPGA based PCI Express to VME64x transparent bridge
  • 256 MBytes DDR3 Shared Memory
  • Low latency PCI Express x4 Fast Path
  • VITA 35 compliance (PMC/XMC Jn14/Jn24 mapping to VME P2)
  • VME P0 extension, VITA 35 compliant
  • Enhanced I/O expansion capabilities
  • PCIe GEN2 24-port switch PES32NT24
  • Thermal and Power supplies monitoring
  • Linux and Windows Device Drivers
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The PEV_7912 is a 6U VME64x PCI Express to VME bridge board with enhanced expansion capabilities and fully compliant with the latest PCI-SIG’s “PCI Express External Cabling Specification”, allowing to extend its onboard PCI Express bus infrastructure and to break trough the VME crate boundaries with both copper and optical fiber standard cables.

The PEV_7912 forms part of the new line of IOxOS Technologies VME64x products featuring its proprietary ALTHEA 7910 solution, a PCI Express to VME64x Bridge implemented in a Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA to deliver an extremely competitive COTS in terms of cost, performance and power consumption. This field proven solution natively supports all Master/Slave VME64x modes of operation with Slot_1 System Controller function, including VME64x data transport 2eVME and 2eSST modes with maximal burst length capability, while guaranteeing very long term availability of the board as a result of not depending on already obsolete third party VME interfaces.

PEV7912PCI Express to VME64x Transparent Interface