PWR-PS5R - Switching Power Supplies

Main features

  • Universal AC Input (85 to 264VAC)
  • DC Compatible Input (100 to 370VDC)
  • Unique Spring-Up Terminals
  • DIN Rail or Panel Mount
  • Five Different Output Capacities: 7.5W to 120W
  • UL, C-UL, and TUV Approvals
  • CE Compliant, UL 508 Listed
  • Certified to EN60950-1
  • IP20 Protection (EN60529)
  • Compliant with EMC Directive EN61204-3
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Dataforth’s PWR-PS5RxW series sets new standards for switching power supply technology. Combining rugged, compact enclosures, incorporating all international standards and approvals, and offering customers a broad selection of inputs and outputs, the PWR-PS5RxW series makes your power supply choice a simple one.

The PWR-PS5RxW series is UL, C-UL and TUV Approved, CE Compliant, and UL 508 Listed. Models are available with output ratings from 7.5W to 120W with 24VDC output voltages. Customers may choose from a wide range of  input voltages (85 to 264VAC, and 100 to 370VDC compatible), making  the PWR-PS5RxW series an unbeatable package of versatility.

PWR-PS5R7W - Power 7.5 Watts Output 24VDC/0.3APWR-PS5R7W - Power 7.5 Watts Output 24VDC/0.3A

Power Supply

PWR-PS5R15W - Power 15 Watts Output 24VDC/0.65APWR-PS5R15W - Power 15 Watts Output 24VDC/0.65A

Power Supply

PWR-PS5R30W - Power 30 Watts Output 24VDC/1.3APWR-PS5R30W - Power 30 Watts Output 24VDC/1.3A

Power Supply

PWR-PS5R60W - Power 60 Watts Output 24VDC/2.5APWR-PS5R60W - Power 60 Watts Output 24VDC/2.5A

Power Supply

PWR-PS5R120W - Power 120 Watts Output 24VDC/5APWR-PS5R120W - Power 120 Watts Output 24VDC/5A

Power Supply

PWR-PS5RSwitching Power Supplies
PWR-PS5R7WPower 7.5 Watts Output 24VDC/0.3A
PWR-PS5R15WPower 15 Watts Output 24VDC/0.65A
PWR-PS5R30WPower 30 Watts Output 24VDC/1.3A
PWR-PS5R60WPower 60 Watts Output 24VDC/2.5A
PWR-PS5R120WPower 120 Watts Output 24VDC/5A