quTAG MC - Multi Channel Time-to-Digital Converter

Main features

  • Time correlated single photon counting
  • Digital resolution 1 ps
  • Up to 32 stop channels in one device
  • Synchronization of multiple devices
  • Timing jitter <20 ps RMS
  • Cost-sensitive, modular versions available
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The quTAG MC is designed for a high number of simultaneous measurements with up to 32 channels in one device and the ability of synchronizing multiple devices.

These time taggers of the quTAG family are available with a wide range of channel numbers and timing resolution. Enhanced timing jitter values can be achieved by interconnecting input channels via software.

quTAG MC versions are available with varying number of input channels and heights in rack
units (U).

quTAG MC Multi Channel Time-to-Digital Converter

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  • quTAG_MC_QuickStart_V1.0.0
  • quTAG_MC-Manual_V1.0.0
  • quTAG-Softwaremanual_V1.5.0-20191007