RF-Editor - Graphical editing tool for waveform generation

Main features

  • Drag-n-drop to place and align signals
  • Precise control of individual signals that are used to make up the overall signal
  • Create signal files fully compatible with Spectro-X software and IQ5000B hardware
  • File size limited solely by the Windows operating system
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RF Editor is a drag-and drop graphical editing tool that lets you easily modify I&Q signals of any length or create entirely new ones. It’s an invaluable tool for modifying and building signal waveforms in the time and frequency domains and is integrated with X-COM’s Spectro-X signal analysis software.

RF Editor’s utility spans defense applications such as creating simulated signal threat scenarios, to laboratory, production and field testing of communications, EW, and radar systems using custom stimulus signals.

RF Editor Graphical editing tool for waveform generation