SDK LabView - CompuScope LabVIEW SDK for Windows

Main features

  • Full featured Main VIs for all CompuScope operating modes and combinations of CompuScope hardware Full control of configuration settings on all Main VIs Easy-to-use CsTool sub-VI layer with on-line help for all Main VIs Access to low-level DLL call VIs, which allow advanced LabVIEW users to achieve maximum hardware performance
  • Driver re-entrancy, which allows simultaneous operation of CompuScope hardware from different Main VIs Easy querying for feedback on all current CompuScope hardware settings
  • Full support for advanced timing features such as on-board timestamping, external clocking, and 10 MHz reference synchronization
  • Transparent support for Master/Slave Multi-Card CompuScope systems
  • Extra Advanced Main VIs for support of on-board CompuScope processing FPGA firmware options
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Gage’s CompuScope LabVIEW SDK allows complete control of Gage CompuScope hardware from a LabVIEW application running under Windows. The SDK provides several powerful Main VIs illustrating the use of CompuScope hardware in different operating modes.

These Main VIs serve as a starting point for an optimized LabVIEW application using Gage CompuScope hardware. All Main VIs are constructed from powerful CsTool VIs that are easy-to-use building blocks, which can be used to implement any CompuScope functionality.

200-200-103 CompuScope LabVIEW SDK for Windows