PCI-SIO8BXS - 8-channel High-performance Multi-Protocol Serial I/O PCI Board

Main features

  • Eight Independent Multi-Protocol Serial Channels
  • Synchronous Serial Data Rates up to 10 Mbits/sec
  • Asynchronous Serial Data Rates up to 1 Mbit/sec
  • Independent Transmit and Receive FIFOs for each Serial Channel – Up to 32k Deep Each
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The PCI-SIO8BXS board is an eight channel serial interface card which provides high speed, full-duplex, multi-protocol serial capability. The SIO8BX combines four multi-protocol Dual Universal Serial Controllers (USC®), 16 external FIFOs, and multi-protocol transceivers to provide eight fully independent asynchronous or synchronous serial channels. Multiprotocol Transceivers support RS422 (V.11)/RS485, RS423 (V.10), RS232 (V.28), V.35, RS530, as well as other Mixed Protocol modes.

These features, along with a high performance PCI interface engine, give the PCI-SIO8BX unsurpassed performance in a serial interface card. The PCI-SIO8BXS is based on the four channel SIO4BX product line from General Standards Corporation. In order to maintain software compatibility, the PCI-SIO8BXS is implemented as two independent four channel SIO4BX cards.

PCI-SIO8BXS8-channel High-performance Multi-Protocol Serial I/O PCI Board