SIS1100e/3104 - PCI Express to VME interface

Main features

VME 3104
  • VME List sequencer
  • VME Master: A16/A24/A32 D8/D16/D32/BLT32/
    MBLT64/2eMBLT64/2eSST-160 2eSST-267 and 2eSST-320
  • Block transfer address auto increment on/off (for FIFO reads)
  • System controller function (can be disabled by DIP switch)
  • Hot swap (in conjunction with VME64x backplane)
  • VME64x Connectors
  • VME64x Side Shielding
  • VME64x Front panel
  • VME64x extractor handles (on request)
  • Standard VME supply voltages (+5 V, -12V)
  • Possible future firmware extensions comprise
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • VME slave memory access
  • Power PC (PPC) as list processor

    PCI express


  • PCI Express Specification r1.0a compliant
  • Virtex IV protocol/link FPGA
  • Serial configuration PROMs for FPGA and PLX bridge
  • JTAG port to serial PROM and FPGA (can be routed to CMC site)
  • CMC (IEEE P1386 Draft 2.3) single size carrier (w/o installed link media)
  • All CMC data lines routed to FPGA


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The original SIS1100/3100 PCI to VME interface started shipping in 2001. It was developed to match the requirements of Particle Physics experiments, related applications and other demanding data acquisition systems. The wish for electrical decoupling resulted in the selection of a fiber optic Gigabit solution as the interconnecting technology.

The Compact PCI (cPCI) and 3,3V (and later universal) versions of the SIS1100 were added over the following years.
The introduction of PCI Express was followed by the development of the single lane PCI Express SIS1100-eCMC board, which is now complemented by the SIS3104 VME sequencer card. The SIS1100-eCMC and the SIS3104 are equipped with 1x/2x/4x SFF GBit link media.

This allows for interoperate ability of SIS1100-eCMC on the PC side with SIS3100 on the VME side as well as SIS1100 on the PC side with SIS3104 on the VME side with corresponding firmware designs. The block transfer VME data throughput to PC memory is nearly doubled to some 160 MByte/s with the SIS1100-eCMC/3104 combination compared to the SIS1100/3100 (with a slave like the SIS3350 500 MS/s digitizer e.g.)

SIS1100e/3104 PCI Express to VME interface