SRY-TX-L1-911 - GPS Over Fiber ODU

Main features

• Compact weatherproof, IP65 housing
• Antenna fail alarm pass through at the indoor receiver output
• Power provided for active antennas, 12V, 500 mA, short circuit protected
• LED indicators for module & antenna power and RF status
• Redundant hot swap external power supply

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The SRY-TX-L1-911 is a single channel GPS (GNSS) over fiber (single mode, 1310nm) transmit unit in a compact waterproof housing. The unit features redundant hot swap external power supplies with signal monitoring on the receive unit, including antenna fail alarm pass through to the indoor receiver output. Short circuit protected antenna power 12V, 500mA is provided. LED indicators are provided for module OK and antenna power.

The unit is compatible with all GNSS bands, GPS L1 and L2 frequencies, is ideal for government secure networks, MiFID II standard for financial institutions and data centers. This transmitter protects GPS receivers from potential lightning damage.

It is intended for use with ETL’s GPS (GNSS) receive unit SRY-RX-L1-466 and use with single power supply unit SRY-PS-12-915 or dual redundant power supply SRY-PS-12-916-xx1K.

SRY-TX-L1-911GPS Over Fiber ODU