TT7000 - RF power meter, RF counter and RF signal generator

Main features

  • Calibrated Power Meter (-50 to +5 dBm) (50MHz – 7GHz)
  • RF Frequency Counter (50MHz – 7GHz)
  • RF Signal Generator (300MHz – 4800MHz) (10Hz Step) (Doubler option to 9.6GHz in the future)
  • High-power RF Divider (2X, 4X, 8X)
  • Optional RF Prescaler – Divide by 32, 64, 128, 256, or 512
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The TT7000 combines a wideband RF frequency counter, a calibrated RF Power Meter, and a fractional-N synthesis RF Signal Generator into one single miniature device.

Signal generation covers 300MHz to 4800MHz with possible step size under 1 Hz. Power Meter functionality covers from -45 to +5 dBm for frequencies between 50MHz to 7GHz.

TT7000 powered from USB and controlled with standard SCPI commands, but it also provides also a crisp display and physical user interface.

TT7000RF power meter, RF counter and RF signal generator