USBPIA-S1 - Single-Channel Fully Programmable Instrumentation Amplifier

Main features

  • Differential or single-ended input
  • ±10Vmax Signal Input and Output with input protection up to ±40V
  • Software-programmable instrumentation amplifier gains of 1 to 1000
  • Ideal for automatic gain compensation applications
  • Software Selectable DC coupling or AC couple passive high pass filter
  • Compatible with any 12, 16, or 24-bit A/D converter devices
  • Windows compatible menu setup software and SDK included
  • USB 2.0 compatible communication for setup and control
  • Non-volatile configuration retains all settings through power cycles
  • Does not need to be attached to a PC to operate
  • DC power source allows for convenient 9 to 12V battery operation
  • Includes universal AC/DC power adapter use anywhere on the planet
  • Factory calibrated for unity gain and very low DC offset filter output
  • Use multiple USBPIA-S1 units for multi-channel applications
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The USBPIA-S1 stand alone USB controllable module provides a single channel high-quality instrumentation amplifier for front-end signal conditioning. It is compatible with all popular A/D converter devices. The custom software control makes the USBPIA-S1 very suitable for automatic gain compensation applications. The USBPIA-S1 is powered with 9 to 12VDC so it can be connected to a battery voltage source or the supplied 115-220VAC adapter may be used for operation with wall power anywhere in the world.

When programmed from the USB port, the USBPIA-S1 will remember all of the programmed properties between power cycles. Program once and operate as a stand-alone signal conditioner without having to reprogram for every use. This is perfect for turn-key applications. It’s easy to connect the USBPIA-S1 into the data collection system. Input and output signals can be routed through BNC connection or by using the detachable screw terminal connectors.

USBPIA-S1 Single-Channel Fully Programmable Instrumentation Amplifier