VPX-XMC-Adapter - XMC-to-VPX adapter

Main features

  • 3U VPX carrier board with PMC / XMC site that can deliver up to 25W of power
  • Fat Pipe (x4) or Double Fat pipe (x8) PCI Express interface is jumper selectable
  • The site uses 64-bit, 133/66 MHz PLX Technology with a PCIe to PCI-X Bridge
  • PCIe 8 lanes wide and supports PCIe Gen. 2.0
  • Supports standard (IEEE1386.1) PMC/XMC modules
  • Conforms to VPX specification Vita 46.0, 46.4 and 46.9 and optionally Vita 48
  • Front panel or rear PMC/XMC I/O support
  • 64 I/O lines (P14) (Vita 46.9) via P2 VPX connector
  • 3.3V PCI-X signaling PMC site
  • +12V and –12V provided to the PMC site
  • FRU information and module temperature monitor
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Adapts a XMC form factor to VPX 3U

VPX-XMC-AdapterXMC-to-VPX adapter