Refurbished equipments

An incredible amount of second-hand equipment is available on a large number of online resale sites, such as Used-Line, Kitmondo and Ebay and many others. National Instruments, Keysight (Agilent), Tektronix, Fluke, Rhode and Schwarz, and many of the most recent equipments are available at prices that are often half the price of the same equipment in new version new.

So if you want to save on your annual budget or if you simply can not buy new equipment, used equipments become obvious solutions.

You can not buy through these sites because the internal procedures of your company, your laboratory, your university or your school do not allow it. ACQUITEK can then serve as a buying center and provide you with the desired equipment, chosen in common among all available ones.

You are interested in this solution, please contact us to build an offer together