4 channels isolated Oscilloscope

Cleverscope launched the new CS448 oscilloscope with four 1kV isolated channels and 200 MHz bandwidth. It is designed for applications where isolation is needed – in particular power electronics. Each channel is isolated from the other, and ground, to 1kV working voltage. The common mode rejection ratio is >100 dB at 50 MHz. The Oscilloscope uses 14 bit ADCs at 500 MSPS to give very good dynamic range, with a noise floor below 100 dBV.

At 10 MHz, Sinad is >60 dB, THD<-76 dBc and HD2+3<-80 dBc. Phase variation between channels is better than +/-90ps (on the same range).

If 4 channels (one CS448) are not enough two CS448 oscilloscopes can be trigger and clock linked to achieve 8 isolated channels.