525 - 20 MHz 6 Channels digital pulse and delay generator

Main features

  • Channels: 6 Independent Channel Outputs
  • Resolution: 2 ns (software selectable)
  • Accuracy: 10 ns + 0.0001 X (width or delay)
  • Jitter: < 50 ps RMS (Channel to Channel)
  • Memory: 6 Storage Slots
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The Model 525 represents a revolutionary new pulse generator that offers full function in a compact and cost effective package. At just 7.125“ x 5.1“ x 1.5” this is one of the smallest units available, but you will not be disappointed in its performance, features, or programmability. Finally, a low-cost pulse generator that does not sacrifice performance or function.

The Model 525’s interface is USB only, which eliminates the bulky front panel components and reduces the potential for mechanical problems. The timing and triggering flexibility is outstanding, with 20MHz rep rates, 2ns timing resolution, <50ps RMS jitter and internal or external triggering options. Outputs can be selected for each channel, giving users the ability to trigger, gate or pulse various devices in a research project with different requirements. Single Pulse, Continuous, Burst, Duty Cycle and Cycle Counting are all selectable options for each channel. Wide pulses are also possible, with a width range of 10ns – 1000s and a delay from trigger range up to 1000s. Trigger externally with signals up to 30 V peak and widths as low as 20ns on the rising or falling edge.

525 20 MHz 6 Channels digital pulse and delay generator

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