A5710 - AC Current Source

Main features

  • Output current up to 1600Aeff
  • Variable output frequency between 45 and 65Hz (option FREQ)
  • Continous data aquisition (option DAQ)
  • Read back of output current and voltage (option MEAS)
  • Digital regulation loop
  • Digital calibration
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The A5710 AC Current Source is a high current AC source in a 3HE 19″ chassis. In combination with a separate special power supply (3HE 19″) the A5710 supplies currents up to 1600Aeff.

Benefits of the modern switching technology

  • Much lower power dissipation
  • Much lower heat generation
  • Much lower weight and size
  • Much lower fan noise

Digital signal processing
The A5710 contains a digital signal processing unit which provides the following advantages:

  • Digital current regulation guarantees stable regulation even with long load-lines
  • Open circuit detection provides high operation security
  • Continous current and voltage sampling for waveform recording (option)

Various output ratings available
This AC Current Source is available with output currents from 160Aeff to 1600Aeff. With the option “FREQ” the output-sine-frequency is programmable between 45 and 65Hz. The maximum output voltage depends on the device variant.

Controller interface
By default the A5710 is equipped with a GPIB interface.

A5710-160-3V0 - AC Source 160A, 3V

AC source

A5710-250-2V5 - AC Source 250A, 2.5V

AC source

A5710-400-2V0 - AC Source 400A, 2V

AC source

A5710-630-1V5 - AC Source 630A, 1V

AC source

A5710-630-3V5 - AC Source 630A, 3.5V

AC source

A5710-630-5V0 - AC Source 630A, 5V

AC source

A5710-1600-1V0 - AC Source 1600A, 1V

AC source

A5710-1600-2V0 - AC Source 1600A, 2V

AC source

A5710AC Current Source
A5710-160-3V0AC Source 160A, 3V
A5710-250-2V5AC Source 250A, 2.5V
A5710-400-2V0AC Source 400A, 2V
A5710-630-1V5AC Source 630A, 1V
A5710-630-3V5AC Source 630A, 3.5V
A5710-630-5V0AC Source 630A, 5V
A5710-1600-1V0AC Source 1600A, 1V
A5710-1600-2V0AC Source 1600A, 2V