AE3-series - Microwave Receivers

Main features

  • Up to 26.5GHz maximum input frequency
  • Bandwidth up to 2GHz as standard
  • Up to 8 RF channels as standard
  • More RF channels optional, enclosure dependent.
  • Main IF output(s): up to 1GHz
  • Selectable secondary IF outputs on some models
  • Optional demodulator – AM/Log AM/FM etc.
  • Ethernet & RS422/RS485 connectivity.
  • Real-time FFT / waterfall display.
  • Internal precision reference with external ref. in/out.
  • SWaP-C optimized.
  • Rugged enclosures – 19” or VPX as standard.
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The AE3-series modular microwave receivers are designed to accept a microwave input up to 26.5GHz; to provide fixed and user-controlled conditioning and conversion as desired; then to provide IF or, optionally, demodulated outputs.

In base models, the system settings are controlled by an external controller, via RS485/422. Optionally, a controller can be built in to provide front panel local control. This controller is supplied with an Ethernet interface for external connectivity.

The receivers have an internal precision frequency reference with external 10MHz in/out (auto changeover). They also feature a powerful, real-time FFT function that can be used to visualize the incoming signal.

The AE3-series receivers are supplied with a full-featured, graphical user interface (GUI), accessible from a remote laptop/PC via Ethernet. The GUI can be compiled to run under most popular operating systems, including Debian, Windows, etc.). The fundamental settings can also be viewed or altered from the front panel if this option has been specified.

The receivers are designed for a wide range of ‘platform’ applications including, laboratory, mobile, field-portable, surface ships, submarines, and jet/turboprop ‘passenger’ aircraft.

Several other options are available, including a demodulator function and several chassis form-factors.

AE3-series Microwave Receivers