Catalyst-GPU - PXIe/CPCIe GPUs – Flexible and Scalable

Main features

  • NVIDIA GPU: Quadro T600 or T1000 (Turing Architecture)
  • FP32 Peak Performance: Up to 2.5 FP32 TFLOPS (6.1x Xilinx KU060 FPGA @ 410 GFLOPS
  • Elapsed Time: 1M Sample FP32 FFT, PSD & COR (In Python): Up to PSD: 1.66 ms / FFT: 1.68 ms / Correlation: 2.33 ms
  • GPU Cores: Up to 896 CUDA
  • On-Board Memory: Up to 8 GB GDDR6 with 128-bit I/F
  • On-Board Memory BW: 160 GB/Sec (9.4x Xilinx KU060 FPGA @ 17 GB/Sec)
  • Display I/F & Resolution: 4 x Mini Display Port 1.4a I/Fs (HDMI 2.1) with 4K Resolution @ 120Hz or 8K Resolution at 60Hz with 10-bit Color
  • Total Graphics Power (W): Up to ~50W
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Catalyst-GPUs are the first COTS products that bring the cost-effective, easy-to-program, high-performance compute acceleration and advanced graphics capabilities of NVIDIA® Quadro® T600 and T1000 GPUs to the PXIe/CPCIe platform – the fastest growing platform for Modular Test & Measurement (T&M) and Electronic Warfare (EW) applications.

With comprehensive support for MATLAB™, Python, and C/C++, combined with support for virtually all popular computing frameworks, Catalyst-GPUs are easy-to-program for both Windows and Linux operating environments. Catalyst-GPUs feature multi-teraflop (TFLOP) level performance, which is ideal for accelerating Signal Processing applications. In addition, Catalyst-GPUs are ideal for Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) applications, which are becoming increasingly important for AI-based signal classification and geolocation, semiconductor and PCB testing, failure prediction, failure analysis, and other important missions.

The Catalyst-GPU T1000 model supports up to 2.5 FP32 TFLOPs. Until now, this level of compute acceleration has not been available in PXIe/CPCIe systems. With Catalyst-GPUs, users can now conduct fast and accurate analysis of acquired data directly in the PXIe/CPCIe systems where the data is acquired.

PXIe-GPU-T600-4GB-1SP - PXIe GPU T600


PXIe-GPU-T1000-8GB-1SP - PXIe GPU T600


Catalyst-GPU PXIe/CPCIe GPUs – Flexible and Scalable
PXIe-GPU-T1000-8GB-1SP PXIe GPU T600