CS1070 - Power Amplifier DC - 52MHz

Main features

  • Frequency range DC to 52 MHz
  • Gain x10
  • Noise 2.1 nV/vHz (input referred)
  • Output Current 1A
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The CS1070 Power Amplifier is used to amplify the output of the CS700A or CS701 signal generators. The 52 MHz bandwidth amplifier can swing 36Vpp with an output current up to 1A continuous.

The CS1070 includes an internal inverting power supply to provide the negative rail, simplifying power supply requirements. The gain is fixed at x10 (20dB). The output voltage range is ±5V to ±18V and asymmetrical to +31, -5V for PSRR measurements right up to 30V as the input supply increases past 20V.

CS1070 Power Amplifier DC - 52MHz