DP7000 - AXIe Digital processor

Main features

  • Four Intel/Altera Arria™ 10 FPGAs (660/1150 GX) with up-to combined 13,504 multipliers and 6 TeraFlops of IEEE754-compliant floating-point DSP cores
  • 128 GB (8 x 16 GB) SO-DIMM DDR4 2400 MHz onboard memory modules with up-to 1.2 Tbps of Aggregate Memory Bandwidth
  • Up-to 1.692 Tbps external connectivity through Samtec Firefly™ Optical Engines with (60 Tx and 60 Rx @ 14.1 Gbps) of serial bandwidth using five 24-fiber Multi-fiber Push On MPO/MTP® front panel connectors
  • Up-to 32 Gbps optional AXIe backplane PCI Express® Gen3 (x4 8 GTps) connectivity with multi-channel DMA engine
  • IPMI-based system monitoring
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The DP7000 Digital Processor with 40/100G Ethernet or 169G Interlaken protocol compatible MPO/MTP® Optics, designed for evolving markets such as Real-Time Stream Processing for High-speed Data-acquisition (DAQ), High Performance Computing (HPC), Machine Learning, Data Center Infrastructure, AI Processing and Network applications.

The board is 8U form factor, 322.25 mm x 280 mm x 6 HP (L x W x H), single slot AXIe or AdvancedTCA® blade, ideal for multi-slot 19″ rack mount system integration. In AXIe form factor it provides up-to Gen3 PCIe® backplane connectivity.

DP7000AXIe Digital processor