GFT1208 - 6U cPCI Digital Delay Generator

Main features

  • Eight independent delay channels
  • < 1ps resolution
  • < 25 ps RMSjitter
  • 1 s dynamic range
  • cPCI 6U 1 Slot
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  • The GFT1208 module provides eight independent delay channels. The delay resolution on all channels is < 1 ps and channel to channel jitter is less than 25 ps.
  • LEMO outputs deliver 10 V level under 50 W.
    One T0 channel (zero delay) is used to reference the six output channel in different operation modes.
    One input channel is used to trigger off all output channels.
  • In system mode, the module could be optical triggered by GFT3001 via an optical network.
GFT12086U cPCI Digital Delay Generator