GFT2005 - Five channels Time Interval Analyzer

Main features

  • Five Channels Time Interval Meter (one Start, four Stops)
    • 13ps resolution
    • 50 ps jitter
    • > 100 s range
  • Common Gate input
  • Input for external 10MHz reference
  • 19’’,1U, compact rack,
  • Ethernet interface,
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The GFT2005 is five channels an high resolution, high accuracy Time Interval Meter. The channel 0 is used as the “start” time reference for channels 1-4. Each channel can measure the time of the rising edge of one electrical input, to 13 picoseconds resolution with dynamic range > 100 second.

The instrument uses an internal 10 MHz very stable oscillator or an external 10 MHz source.

The GFT2005 is a low profile 19″, 1U rack instrument with Ethernet interface. The instrument as a built in Web server that provide a remote control via a standard Web Browser. Web pages from embedded web server provide simple method for setting and reading the time interval values.

GFT2505Five channels Time Interval Analyzer