GFT6084 - 4 channels 2GS/s or 4GS/s LAN and USB Digitizer

Main features

  • 2U, 19” Compact form factor
  • 4 analog channels with vertical sensitivity 1mV/div to 10V/div
  • Up to 2GS/s sampling rate per channel or 4 GS/s sampling rate on 2 channels
  • DC to 500MHz Analog Bandwidth, 800ps (typical) Rise time
  • Long waveform memory 10Mpts per channel
  • Remote controlled via Ethernet(VXI11) and USBTMC
  • Compatibility with all Teledyne LeCroy software packages(WaveStudio, activeDSO and IVI driver)
  • Superior integration of webserver inside the digitizer
  • Synchronize multiple units (Trig in / Trig out)
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The GFT6084 is the ideal instrument for the acquisition, visualization and characterization of every detail of your high speed waveforms.
This compact digitizer can record four analog inputs at speeds of 2GS/s (or 4GS/s on only two analog inputs) with 8 bits resolution. The 10 Mega points per channel memory provides long capture at full sampling rate and makes this instrument a great tool for capturing low frequency and fast edges signals.

The GFT6084 is a low profile 19″, 2U rackmount instrument with USB and Ethernet interface. All the signal connectors are BNC model.
The GFT6084 is supplied with a built in webserver provides remote access and control of the instrument. A windows software application (Wavestudio) which includes a front panel graphical interface control your digitizer from your desktop via Ethernet network. Wavestudio can be downloaded from Teledyne Lecroy Website.

The GFT6084 can be also local controlled with an embedded application software via Mouse and External monitor connected on the back of the unit.
The typical application of this compact 4 channels remotely controlled digitizer is to acquire waveforms in Automatic Test Equipment and production testing.

GFT60844 channels 2GS/s or 4GS/s LAN and USB Digitizer